Great Wines begin with Great Grapes

Great Wines begin with Great Grapes
A historically preserved one-room schoolhouse serves as our tasting room.
Forestville School was built in 1897, last operated in 1967, and is a building
rich in history and significance to the area.

Our History

Our grapes have been grown on our six acres vineyard since 2009.

It all started with
the planting of

wine grapes.

Farming and caring
for the grape vines
is our passion and
it shows in grape

Attention and detail
are paid to all our
plants year long to
assure the highest
quality grapes for
wine is achieved.

With a lot of patience
and care, our grapes
thrive at Forestville

Restoring the 1897 Schoolhouse

Since 1897 Forestville Schoolhouse has remained on its original site.

As part of our restoration to fix the crumbling foundation, we raised the building to rebuild the foundation.

By raising the schoolhouse, space was created for a basement with many functional rooms.

The schoolhouse still remains in its same location it had been since 1897.

All through construction, the original flagpole remained standing, as it does today.

A rendering of the Forestville Schoolhouse grounds.

Still a work in progress.

The raising of the schoolhouse was worth the risk! Come and enjoy the beautiful Forestville Vines grounds.

Making Forestville Wines

Small batch winemaking. Our established vineyard has been
successfully producing high quality fruit that consistently results
in a wide variety of delicious wines.

We have been harvesting on site at Forestville Vines, creating a delicious variety of small batch wines.

Forestville Vines has been making wine since 2017.

An area so beautiful, we had to share. We decided to plant a vineyard and open a tasting room so that everyone could enjoy it too!

Have a glass...or two at Forestville Vines!