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Fresh Artisan Handcrafted Pizzas

All pizzas are available in 12” or 16”


1897 Wine Enhanced

Fresh mushrooms and onions sauteed with olive oil, butter, and our famous 1897 wine. Add sausageand a shreddedmozzarella/provolone blend cheese for a savory pie.



Garlic Chicken with White Sauce

We take our silk garlic cream sauce and top it with sundried tomatoes, bacon, garlic chicken, and shredded mozzarella/provolone blend cheese.



Goat Cheese and Figs with Balsamic Glaze

A guest favorite! Enjoy our shredded mozzarella/provolone blend cheese, goat cheese, onions, and figs baked to perfection and finished with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar glaze.



The Garden

A layer of delectable pesto, roasted green and red peppers, mushrooms, and onion stopped with our shredded mozzarella/provolone blend cheese make this a great choice.




Sometimes you just need a little pepperoni, and we have the good stuff on this pie. Add our shredded mozzarella/provolone blend cheese and our classic red sauce and you have pizza everyone will love.



The Classic Cheese 

Lots of our shredded mozzarella/provolone blend cheese and a savory red saucemake this simple pizza a favorite.


sausage (2)


We start with our original or thin crust, add our shredded mozzarella/provolone blend cheese and our classic red sauce serve you the best sausage pizza in town.


sausage (2)


A generous portion of ground beef and our shredded mozzarella/provolone blend cheese and red sauce are the perfect combination for this ever popular pizza.


bbq chicken

BBQ Chicken

Grilled chicken, shredded mozzarella/provolone blend cheese, cheddar cheese, and our special honey bbq sauce make a great combination in this pizza.


Gluten Free Crust


Additional Toppings



Perfect for sharing, or keeping for yourself!

Pizza Fries

Our artisan crust is topped with our delicious mozzarella cheese blend.

Served with a flight of 4 dipping sauces – marinara, garlic alfredo, delectable pesto, and balsamic vinaigrette glaze.

12”only 15



Grilled tortillas filled with cheese, just a little diced tomatoes and peppers. You can add chicken or beef. Served with warm cheese sauce. 8 slices to an order.

Cheese 6 • Beef or Chicken 8


Pretzel Bites

Indulge in our Pretzel Bites: perfectly golden and bite-sized, served warm with your choice of classic mustard, creamy cheese, or sweet chocolate dipping sauces. Each bite offers a delightful crunch and a soft, chewy center.


bread sticks

Bread Sticks

Indulge in our Pretzel Bites: perfectly golden and bite-sized, served warm with your choice of classic mustard, creamy cheese, or sweet chocolate dipping sauces. Each bite offers a delightful crunch and a soft, chewy center.



Fudge Sunday

We take vanilla ice cream, and marshmallows sauteed with crushed gram crackers and cover it all with hot Fudge.




Enjoy our artisanal beers and support local brewers. Ask your server about our current selection.

rush river logo

Rush River Brewing Co.

Founded in 2004 in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, Rush River Brewing Co. is renowned for its expertly crafted beers, including the flagship Unforgiven Amber Ale. Expanding in 2007, the brewery now operates in River Falls, offering a diverse lineup ranging from IPAs to stouts. Their commitment to quality and community is evident in their River Falls taproom, which features 16 taps and hosts a lively, welcoming atmosphere, making it a favorite local destination for enjoying innovative and traditional brews alike.

Explore Their Beers on Their Website

the garage logo

The Garage Bikes & Brews

Garage Bikes & Brews in Wisconsin offers a diverse selection of 18 beers on tap, including their light Big Johnson Lager, the complex Garage Deviation Dubbel, and the uniquely hopped Newzea NZ Pale Ale. The venue also supports local initiatives, highlighted by their WIKI IPA #3, which donates proceeds to trail development. This brewery blends a love of craft beer with community involvement, providing a welcoming atmosphere for enjoying a wide range of brews that cater to various tastes.

Explore Their Beers on Their Website

swinging bridge logo

Swinging Bridge Brewing Co.

Swinging Bridge Brewing Co. is just a short walk from the historic Swinging Bridge over the Kinnickinnic River. The brewery and cocktail lounge are set against a backdrop of native limestone walls from the late 1800s, providing a cozy atmosphere with open-view brewing equipment visible from the street. Offering 30 taps, their featured beers include Kinni Kölsch with its crisp taste, 4 Winds IPA highlighted by Citra and Rakau hops, and the unique Blood Orange IPA.

Explore Their Beers on Their Website

Always Available

Long-Time Favorites

We carry a diverse selection of domestic and international beers.

Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra

Michelob ULTRA is a premium light beer crafted for individuals dedicated to living a vibrant, balanced life. With just 95 calories and 2.6 carbs, it’s a light lager skillfully brewed with Herkules hops and quality grains, resulting in a delightful hint of citrus and a refreshingly crisp conclusion.

4.2% ABV / 10 IBUs


Busch Light

Busch Light Beer offers a refreshing and invigorating flavor. Its timeless taste remains intact by utilizing top-notch ingredients and an extended brewing process, resulting in a lighter body and reduced calorie content. Perfectly complementing turkey burgers, pizza, or chips, Busch Light is skillfully brewed with a blend of premium American-grown and imported hops, along with a mix of malt and corn, ensuring a harmonious and enjoyable taste experience.

5.1% ABV / 19 IBUs

miller lite

Miller Lite

Crafted with precision, this pilsner boasts the use of premium ingredients and meticulous brewing methods, guaranteeing a luxurious, full-bodied beer experience with just 96 calories.

4.2% ABV / 10 IBUs

Stella Artois

Stella Artois

Savor 600 years of brewing tradition with Stella Artois. Staying faithful to its time-honored recipe, this beer is meticulously crafted using only three ingredients: Saaz hops, malted barley, and water. Delighting the senses with its delightful hop aroma, harmoniously balanced malt sweetness, refreshing hop bitterness, and gentle dry finish, it’s the ideal beverage for sharing with friends and pairing with meals. For the ultimate experience, serve Stella Artois in its iconic chalice.

5.2% ABV / 30 IBUs

Corona light

Corona Light

Corona Light Mexican Beer brings a touch of lightness to every day with its unique hop essence and delightful fruity-honey fragrance. This effortlessly enjoyable brew perfectly complements spicy cuisine and citrus-infused dishes.

4.0% ABV / 9 IBUs

Samuel Adams

Samual Adams Golden Pilsner

Created as a tribute to their Head of Brewing, this traditional German-style Pilsner is meticulously crafted using golden malt, imparting a gentle sweetness, and Hallertau and Tettnang hops, which lend a floral yet understated hop profile. The taste is perfected with a crisp, dry finish. 

5.0% ABV / 32 IBUs