A Modern Green Acres in River Falls

Our History

Welcome to Forestville Vines, where history and modern charm intertwine, creating a unique destination that captivates the heart of anyone who visits. Situated off a quaint country road a few miles outside River Falls, our winery is a testament to the community, heritage, and the timeless allure of nature blended with the spirit of innovation.

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Our Heritage

The Schoolhouse: From 1897 to Today

Once an 1897 one-room schoolhouse, our beloved building has worn many hats over the years, from a dog grooming business to a financial office. Acquired by Brian Lokrantz in 2017, the structure underwent a loving restoration, culminating in the winery’s grand opening in 2019. Our renovations were guided by respect for history, preserving the original limestone foundation and the centuries-old oak that shades our patio.

A New Chapter

Meet Kate Sullivan and Mark Edlund

In June of 2023, Kate Sullivan and Mark Edlund became the proud new custodians of Forestville Vines, bringing with them a passion for event planning and a vision for the future. With plans to enhance our event spaces and introduce new activities, they are dedicated to maintaining the winery’s legacy while infusing it with their unique touch.

The Vineyard and Wines

Cold Hardy Grapes and Award-Winning Wines

Our vineyard thrives on cold hardy grapes, a testament to the innovative spirit of the Midwest. Developed by the University of Minnesota, our grapes are designed to withstand the region’s challenging climate. Our wines have garnered recognition for their quality, including several awards at the prestigious Finger Lakes International Wine & Spirits Competition.

The Future

Dreams of Farm Living and Culinary Delights

For Sullivan and Edlund, Forestville Vines is more than just a business—it’s a realization of a dream. With plans to build on the property and expand their culinary offerings, they are committed to creating a space where the community can gather, celebrate, and enjoy the simple pleasures of country living.