Open May 1st

Itasca - Dry White
A wonderful light white wine that has aromas of pear, violet, melon and subtle notes of honey.
It has a clean and pleasant appearance with a long finish.

Recess is a dry white wine made from the Brianna grape. The cold hardy Brianna grape creates a delicious wine with a light pineapple nose and fruity disposition. Recess pairs well with lighter meats such as turkey, chicken or ham as well as crab and shrimp.

Teacher’s Pet is a flavorful white wine created from the Seyval grape. The Seyval grapes are lighter in style, with notes of grapefruit, green apple, hay and melon. Teacher’s Pet is a wine that is both elegant and appealing. Best paired with fish and other types of seafood, chicken, and salads

Detention is made from the Le Crescent grape. Detention is delicious on its own or paired with fried calamari, grilled halibut, salmon, walleye or trout, it also pairs perfectly with mild and semi-hard cheeses.

School House White

School House White - Sweet White
Features great aromas. Plus, a brilliant gold color with a sweet finish. This clean, crisp fresh wine has hints of pear, star fruit and lemon peel.

Summer Vacation is a rose’ wine made from the Frontenac Gris grape. The resulting wine is clean, crisp, and fresh with hints of pear, lemon peel and star fruit. Summer Vacation is great on it’s own or paired with lightly seasoned seafood and light cheeses.

The 1897 is our award-winning wine that is hand-crafted in small lots and aged in premium oak barrels. A signature wine with a deep ruby color and notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, vanilla and spice.

The Three R’s (reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic) is a bold wine made from the Frontenac Grape. Introduced in 1995, Frontenac is the first in a series of new wine grape varieties developed by the University of Minnesota for Upper Midwest conditions. The Three R’s pairs well with pizza, burgers, picnic or any happy occasion.

School House White

School House Red - Medium Bodied Red
An excellent medium bodied wine. This beautiful deep red signature wine has very distinct flavors of blackberry, plum and black current